Alline Gonçalves


Country: Brazil


Major: Health Studies


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Portuguese, English


Hobbies: Cooking, Traveling, Dancing  


Biography: Alline Gonçalves is a 23 year old international student from Brazil. She first came to the United States as a Rotary exchange student in 2007 and did her senior year of high school here in Portland. She came back to Portland in 2010 to go to college. Her goal has always been to go to medical school and become a medical doctor. When she came to Portland and learned about the process to get into medical school, she thought that it would be a great challenge. She has been volunteering at OHSU for one year now and she loves it. Her major is Public Health: Health Sciences and her minor is Biology. She is also doing the pre-requisites for medical school.


Find us: 

KMC 660L

615 SW Harrison

Portland State University, Portland, OR 97201

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