Amanda Linder 


Country: Sweden


Major: Marketing and Advertising Management, Environmental Science and International Business


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Swedish, Spanish, English


Hobbies: Individual Athletic Training, Outdoor Athletic Activities, Nutrition and Dietary Advising, Volunteering in the Community, Ethnic Cuisine, Traveling, Friends and Family.


Biography: Amanda Linder is an international student from Umeå, the biggest city in northern Sweden. At Portland State, she is working to complete degrees in business marketing, advertising, and environmental sustainability in hopes that she can contribute to the successful marketing of new sustainable technologies as they become available. Growing up in Sweden, she was aware that her country was leading the way in sustainable technologies including eco, bio, and renewable resource technology. This instilled a lifelong sense of pride and purpose that led her to the beautiful state of Oregon where she hopes to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill her dreams. Currently she is an active member of the Sustainability Leadership Center at PSU, Friends of Trees, Elevating Impact Summit, and an honors student in the Business School's Honors Track.


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