Chi Nguyen

Hometown: Hai Phong, Viet Nam


Major: Business Administration: Supply Chain & Logistics


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Vietnamese, English


Hobbies: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Cooking 


Biography: Chi Nguyen is from the 3rd largest city in Vietnam, located in the north by the coast. Amazing seafood, tropical islands, "city of red flamboyant trees," are just a few of the reasons why she is proud to call Hai Phong her hometown. She started studying in the US when she was a junior in high school. After she graduated from Lincoln Lutheran, a private school in Lincoln, Nebraska, she decided to choose Portland State as the next destination for her exciting overseas journey. Since Fall 2013 when she came to Portland State, she has fallen in love with the beautiful city and met many great friends. Her favorite thing to do in Portland is to go on a spontaneous walk and explore the city in various dimensions; food, street arts, people, fashion.... As a member of ICSP, she would like to bring her diverse culture to share with friends and those who are interested. In her opinion, learning about culture is a really great way to link people and their different value systems. She also expects to make new friends and have a great time bonding with other ICSP members. 

Find us: 

KMC 660L

615 SW Harrison

Portland State University, Portland, OR 97201

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