Meet the ICSP Student Coordinators and Advisor


The ICSP at PSU is administered by two student coordinators and one advisor. The coordinators and the advisor work together to plan ICSP meetings, train members, communicate about event requests, track requests, and liaise between the ICSP members and the community, among other tasks. You can reach the coordinators at and you can reach the advisor at We look forward to helping you with your volunteer or speaker needs! 

Mahamadou Sissoko

Office Hours for Fall 2016 

1:30-2:45pm on Mondays

2:30-4:30pm on Tuesdays

12-1:45pm on Wednesdays

Xiaoxue Xing

Office Hours for Fall 2016

12:30-3:30pm on Thursdays

1:30-3:30pm on Fridays

Rachel Dietz

Available by appointment.