The Benefits of ICSP


In addition to financial support, international students in the International Cultural Service Program receive many additional benefits:


Professional Development - Students in the ICSP increase their public speaking skills through training and real-life experience in front of audiences. This is invaluable experience for any resume! 

Mentorship - ICSP members work closely with the ICSP coordinators and advisor towards setting and fulfilling goals. 

Community - The ICSP group has the opportunity to meet regularly, connecting with peers to become a close-knit community with the shared experience of being international students in Portland. 

Cultural Knowledge - ICSP members share information about their cultures with each other on a regular basis. Additionally, our members often have the opportunity to learn more about American culture by visiting local classrooms and organizations. 

"Graduating as an ICSP member is a great honor for me. I feel I have improved a lot and gained lots of skills from my ICSP experience. 


ICSP helps me to practice my communication skills by giving a bunch of presentations and cultural booth to different groups of people, which lead me to have the ability to present my culture in many different ways, like the easy way, serious way, and interesting way. I am able to adjust my ways of presentations when towards different people, and know how to attract their attentions most. Besides the presentations, I could also volunteer for the communities, and got the chance to meet new friends outside of the school, which helps me strengthen my social network. Since all our members are from different countries, I also built my skills to work in a multicultural environment and learn other interesting cultures. 


All those experience build up my confidence, which I think is the key to be successful. I can confidently tell the interviewers during my several interviews, and gave examples about the experience in ICSP to prove the outstanding skills I have gained. I can confidently give presentations to my classmates by explaining the professional topic into an interesting way to attract classmates. I realized how much I improved after I saw a classmate giving a presentation nervously and looking at the notes all the time, and we came to U.S. at the same period. 


I really appreciate all the friends, experience, knowledge, confidence, happiness, and love I have gained in ICSP. ICSP is one of my best memory in Portland State University. I hope I can have the chance to volunteer again to give back to this lovely program."

- Mingze Gao, ICSP Alumna, 2017

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