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Benjamin Pocheron


Hometown: Dijon, France


Major: Marketing and International Business Certificate


Languages: French, English


Hobbies: Adventure games, charity projects, brainteasers, fashion, luxury marketing, summer camps, French language, wine


Biography: If you’re reading me right now, it means that you just clicked on my profile and… Thank you very much for your interest! I’m Benjamin and I come from Dijon, France (Long live the Mustard). At the University of Burgundy, I’ve studied Pharmacy for three years while working as a Sales Associate at Sephora. I found I really loved to find strategies to achieve business goals, that’s why I’m now in Marketing and I love it. I aspire to a career in the Luxury Marketing.

In France, I have run summer camps around adventure themes such as the famous TV show “Survivor”. Creating, organizing and managing entire projects like summer camps is challenging but rewarding. I was also involved in an organization as a vice president which creates shows whose benefits go to the “Les Restaurants du Coeur” charity. That was an amazing experience where time management and problem-solving skills were part of the organization’s everyday life.

I first came in the US as an Au Pair last year and recently became a full-time student. I’m honored to be part of the School of Business Administration Honors Track Program and the International Cultural Service Program. Being part of the ICSP allows our members and myself to share and understand our diverse cultures, which is essential in our actual globalized world. It will also make us improve different critical skills, such as public speaking and leadership. I’m looking forward to working with you all!

Mottos: Be like a proton, stay positive / When there is a will, there is a way.

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