Cris Martinez Gonzalez


Country: Spain


Major: Bilingual Education


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Spanish, English


Hobbies: Music, Friends, Learning about different cultures, cooking, John Irving, Pearl Jam, and the number 5 


Biography: Cristina Martinez Gonzalez (or Cris) hails from España, specifically Madrid, although she was born in Southern Spain, in Sevilla. She went to South Salem High School for her senior year and she fell in love with Oregon. Then she went back to Madrid and went to college at the European University of Madrid. She also spent a year in The Hague University during her college years. After triple majoring in Business Administration, Advertising & PR and Audiovisual Communication, she moved to Oregon again in 2010 to work on Salem's TV station, CCTV. Currently she is pursuing post-grad work towards a Master's degree in bilingual teaching.

Find us: 

KMC 660L

615 SW Harrison

Portland State University, Portland, OR 97201

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