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Elisabeth Lingås


Hometown: Åalesund, Norway


Major: Business Management and Leadership, Human Resources with a Food Industry Leadership Certificate


Languages: Norwegian, Spanish, English


Hobbies: Fishing, hiking, cooking, sports, friends, exploring!


Biography: Elisabeth was born and raised in a city called Åalesund, on the west coast of Norway. Growing up, she spent a lot of time outdoors learning skills such as fishing and skiing, which are two of her favorite hobbies even today. However, living in just one city her whole life was something she could not see herself doing, so as she got older, she started working at a restaurant in order to save up money for an exchange year abroad in the US.


In 2017 she spent 10 months as an exchange student at Hillsboro High School, meeting people from all over the world. That year was the best year of her life, and she could not imagine moving back to Norway and without knowing she would be going back to Oregon. Because she had fallen in love with Oregon, she applied to Portland State right after she came back to Norway. A few months later, she got accepted, and the next exciting journey was about to begin!


As of fall 2020, she is starting her junior year at PSU and she could not have been happier. Being surrounded by people with different backgrounds and experiences is extremely important and giving, and it has taught her a lot that she could not be without! Becoming a member of ICSP is an accomplishment that Elisabeth is especially proud of, and she is looking forward to presenting Norway to the Portland community, as well as broadening her own knowledge through cultural sharing and meeting new people along the way.

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