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Manjot Kaur


Hometown : Punjab,India

Major : Bachelors in Public Health with a minor in Business Administration

Language : Punjabi,Hindi,and English

Hobbies : Listening to TED talks,Doing workout,Reading autobiographies and Watching sports.


Located on the northern-western edge of India, Punjab, my birthplace, is one of the prosperous states and home to a lively, hospitable and dynamic people in the nation.I belong to Sikh religion which is the most practiced faith in Punjab. Some of the most common aspects in the Punjabi people are being respectful to whosoever we meet and thankful to God for whatever we get in our lives. I have always been taught to be respectful not only with my elders but equally with the younger ones and that's what I believe in. Carrying all the values and discipline nurtured by my parents and my religion, I have a strong zeal to achieve my goals in life to make my family feel proud.

I am majoring in Public Health in Health Services Administration with the motive to serve my community. Along with my keen interest, it's my father who always motivated me to work for the betterment of the society. Though I lost him couple years ago, his teachings and motivation are still embedded in my heart.And in his memory, I always try to strengthen myself with the strong determination to work hard in my studies and to be an influential person in future. Not to mention,living an independent life in the United States has taught me to not only be a caring and socializing person but also be a responsible adult with an optimistic approach toward future. 

Being a fitness freak, I really enjoy doing workout and eating healthy stuff most of the time. At Portland State University,I really enjoy meeting new people from backgrounds and learning from their culture and experiences which has inculcated a sense of understanding and empathy in me.Beside this, ICSP is a great opportunity for me to share my cultural aspects and enhance my knowledge by learning from others’ cultures and beliefs as well.

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