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Mayur Desadla


Country: India


Major: Electronics and Computer Engineering 


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Hindi, Marathi, Marwadi, Gujrati, English


Hobbies: Cricket, Music, Movies, Soccer, Badminton, Cooking and Biking 


Biography: Mayur is from India and he is a graduate student at PSU, earning his degree, a Masters in Electronics and Computer Engineering. He has always been active, organizing and participating in different workshops and events, and interacting with different organizations. For example, his involvement for the International night at PSU was appreciated.


He grew up in the western part of India from a city known as Pune. He is emotionally attached to the culture of that province and loves to do the traditional dance and celebrate the festivals of his culture. He has organized a blood donation drive with his friends when there was a need in his city.


Mayur is currently involved with the Student leaders for service, Interfaith team and the MCECS ambassador. He is very excited to be a part of ICSP because it has given him a chance to not only represent India as a whole, but also share the beautiful side of Indian Culture with everyone.

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