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Minami Tomizawa


Hometown: Tokyo/Saitama, Japan

Major: Business


Languages: Japanese, English


Hello! My name is Minami Tomizawa. I was born in Tokyo and grew up in Saitama. I'm a Business student at PSU. I came to PSU in 2021 as a Japanese university student. I transferred to PSU in 2022 and am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in advertising management and marketing. I'm passionate about learning in these fields to achieve my future goal.

Portland is my favorite place. I walk to the farmers' market and Saturday market every weekend. I enjoy exploring Portland neighborhoods and discovering local businesses. Sometimes, I go hiking and visit gardens with friends. As one of my hobbies, I love sports. I enjoy watching NBA games as I played basketball for 10 years. I also frequent the gym and go swimming often.

Through ICSP, I want to share the sophisticated and fascinating aspects of Japanese culture with many people. Additionally, I'm excited to encounter new experiences and perspectives.

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