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Chenting (Vee) Qian


Hometown: Wuxi, China


Major: Graphic Design


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Chinese, English


Hobbies: Painting, Photography, Music, Fashion


Biography: Chenting Qian is from Wuxi, which is known as “the little Shanghai” in China. Wuxi is an old city in the Jiangsu province. It's near Shanghai in eastern China and sits on the banks for Taihu, one of China's largest freshwater lakes. 

Chenting studied one year in the New Hope Christian High school. After graduating from there, she chose Portland State University for her further education. She loves communicating with people and helping people. The urban location and friendly environment give her many chances to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. As the member of ICSP, she wanted to try her best to help others and make new friends. 


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