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Xin Wang


Country: China


Major: Education


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Mandarin, Thai, English


Hobbies: Traditional Chinese Dancing, Paper Cutting, Cooking Chinese Dumplings, Pop Music, English Movies, Reading International News, Fashion Design  


Biography: Graduating with top honors from He Bei University in China with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2009, Xin Wang is proficient in three languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, and Thai. She has attended many professional training seminars on teaching foreigners a second language. 


In the past five years, Xin taught Chinese language and culture to all levels of students from kindergarten to college undergraduates in Thailand, China, and the United States. Xin also served as the program leader in creating and developing Chinese curriculum in the school districts where she worked. Her motivation comes from her own personal quote: "Teaching has been one of the best things in her life. Her dream is to spread out more wings and help the kids fly up high in the sky and achieve greatness in their lives." 


Now Xin Wang is a graduate student majoring in Education at Portland State University. She enjoys exploring new places and communicating with international students. Xin is more than delighted to share her culture with inquisitive audiences throughout the Portland area. Her passion and enthusiasm always positively influence the people around her. 


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