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Yasamin Mehdian Rad

Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Major: Marketing
Languages: Farsi, English 
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing instruments, watching movies, reading books and poetry, cooking and baking
Biography: I was born in the heart of Iran, Tehran. Growing up as an only child, I received all the attention from my parents and grandparents, who lived with me upon my upbringing. My grandparents were the ones who taught me about Iranian classic poetry and music from an early age, which embedded the passion for arts and culture in me. When my parents witnessed this interest in Iranian classical music in me, they signed me up for music classes and continued to educate me about the rich Iranian culture. Since then, I have been fascinated to learn about the culture and history of different countries. I believe that learning about the history and customs of distinct countries will reveal many facts about the current situation of those societies. 

Since my dad was a traveler, he used to take me with him wherever he traveled. So far, I have visited Thailand, Malaysia, Cypress, Russia, Azerbaijan, and UAE, and I still hope to travel and see other parts of the world. When I was fourteen years old, I decided to come to the United States to experience studying abroad. After finishing middle school, and high school in the U.S, I chose Portland State University for my higher education. Currently, I'm a sophomore Marketing major student and strive to meet new people and learn about new cultures at PSU.

As an ICSP member, I hope to be a good representative of Iran and share the genuine perspective of my home country.