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Suggested Topics


Here we provide some ideas for topics that could be approached in an ICSP visit to encourage the recognition of cultural commonalities and appreciation of differences. However, these are mere suggestions and we encourage you to explore new perspectives and pieces of culture you consider relevant and interesting to your group.


Don't hesitate to contact us ( if you have any questions!


  • Pop Culture: music, fashion, entertainment, sports, etc.

  • Games: toys, sports, etc.

  • Food: what is part of diet, traditional dishes, etc.

  • Holidays: biggest holidays and festivals, etc.

  • Civics: systems of government, beliefs and values, customs and traditions, etc.

  • Water: the role of a resource like water in the day-to-day lives of people from other countries

  • Stories: popular books, legends, myths, folklore, etc.

  • Famous people: national heroes/heroines, people of influence, etc.

  • Family life: values, principles, relationships, everyday routine, etc.

  • Language: verbal (greetings, names, writing systems, etc.) and non-verbal (gestures, body language, proximity, etc.)

  • Education system: structure, typical school day, uniforms, teacher-student relationship, etc.

  • Arts: dance, theater, literature, music, etc.

  • Gender roles: activities typically associated with male and female roles, etc.

  • Geography: maps, globe, how the climate and borders influence daily life, population, minority groups, etc.

  • History: past and current events

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