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Sample Interivews

The video below shows an example of an ICSP interview with a cultural presentation and interview questions from the interview panel. This video is meant to give you an idea of what to expect in your interview, and to help you prepare. Pay special attention to the speaker's voice projection, pacing, body language, and the structure of his presentation with a strong and creative introduction, body, and conclusion and some audience interaction. 



Special thanks for our actors:

Mahamadou Sissoko 

Hanna Fransman

Alfonso Munoz Cortes

Joshua Verughese

Maoloud Dabab

Written and Directed by:

Mahamadou Sissoko

Filmed and Edited by:

Zak Rodgers

Tips for the interview:

  • Keep your presentation topic narrowed to 5 minutes. Don't try to tell us everything about your country in one 5 minute presentation - rather, go more in depth about one particular interesting aspect of your culture that you can describe well in 5 minutes. ​

  • The more interactive and creative your interview presentation is, the better. Consider the difference between seeing a picture of a mango and actually tasting one - it's like that with culture! Try your best to show the committee your culture using more than one physical sense (for example, one or more of the following; food to taste, music or dance to listen to, cultural clothing or artifacts to see and touch, language to learn and practice, etc.)

  • Practice your interview several times so that it is polished and flows well and lasts only 5 minutes. Have a friend or roommate watch you and give you feedback. Ideally, practice with someone who is not familiar with the topic you're presenting, so that you can see what kind of reactions and questions they will have.

  • Check out these interview tips from PSU's Career Center and visit them for help! 

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