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Benefits for Students

ICSP members typically receive approximately half of their quarterly tuition (based on 12 credits for undergraduate, 9 credits for graduate students; subject to change depending on the university's funding allocation).

In addition to financial support, international students in the International Cultural Service Program receive many additional benefits:


  • Professional Development - Students in the ICSP increase their public speaking skills through training and real-life experience in front of audiences. This is invaluable experience for any resume! 

  • Multicultural community - The ICSP group has the opportunity to meet regularly, connecting with peers to become a close-knit community with the shared experience of being international students in Portland. 

  • Cultural Knowledge - ICSP members share information about their cultures with each other on a regular basis. Additionally, our members often have the opportunity to learn more about American culture by visiting local classrooms and organizations. 

  • Peer Mentorship - ICSP members work closely with the ICSP coordinators and advisor towards setting and fulfilling goals. 

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