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WorldOregon's Culture Box Program provides a wide variety of hands-on resources that spark children’s curiosity about the world. ICSP members often utilize this resource to enhance their presentations, and they are also available for teachers to borrow for use in their classrooms. Culture Boxes are multi-media collections of artifacts and resource material designed to familiarize students with the traditions and cultures of countries around the world and the multicultural nature of American society. For more information about the Culture Boxes Program or Global Classroom, please contact Karen Ettinger at

Hosting an ICSP member in your classroom can be an enriching experience for your students with potential for affective and cognitive growth while reducing ethnocentrism (Campbell, J., 1987). We would like to share some tips and suggestions to enrich this cultural exchange. Once you have your plan, fill out a request form and we will be glad to arrange a visit.

Here we provide some ideas for topics that could be approached in an ICSP visit to encourage the recognition of cultural commonalities and appreciation of differences. However, these are mere suggestions and we encourage you to explore new perspectives and pieces of culture you consider relevant and interesting to your group.

If you've recently worked with an ICSP student or group of students, we'd love to hear about your experience so that we can continue to improve our program. Please take a moment to fill out the form. 

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