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Ahmed Alibage


Country: Iraq


Major: Technology Management and New Product Development Management


Education Level: Doctoral


Languages: Arabic, English


Hobbies: Graphic Design, Science and Technology Implications, Creativity, Reading, Painting, Traveling, Music, Socializing, Cultural Diversity, and Photography 


Biography: I was born and raised in Annajaf Alasharaf, the capital city of the Annajaf governorate, one of the most ancient and holiest cities in Iraq (100 miles to the South of Baghdad). This city by its nature as it is the home of Imam Ali’s shrine, it hosts millions of pilgrims each year. People are coming from all over the world with different origins, backgrounds, cultures, ethnic groups and languages. That is how culturally I have been very well trained and understood the meaning of cultural diversity and its greatest 

impacts on societies. 

I have finished my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Baghdad. As a mechanical engineer, I have around 14 years of experience in different positions and responsibilities at the largest industrial organization in Iraq (Southern Cement State Company). On May 2014, I have received my Masters of science in Engineering Management at Gannon University in Erie, PA, USA, by which I found myself close enough to further my old new goal, which is the PhD studies.  

Joining the PhD program in technology management at the Portland State University literally meets every dream I had and still have. Personally, I don’t consider limited success is enough to meet what I have dreamed of and worked on. My definition of success is go beyond the limits of grades, because I believe that success has no limits. 

I’m totally grateful of being granted this opportunity to be a member of the ICSP. I believe that me being a member of the ICSP integrates my ambition to be a part this great diverse community of the United States, that I hope I will do my best to share and encourage different cultural values and practices of different nations on this planet. 


A quote that I like about diversity; 

“Read. Read. Read. Just don't read one type of book. Read different books by various authors so that you 

develop different style.”


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