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Aimal Dastagir Zada


Hometown: Parwan, Afghanistan

Major: Global Supply Chain Management

Languages: Farsi, English, Hindi, and some Turkish

I was born and raised in Kabul, which is the capital city of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is also known as the heart of Asia and has over 5000 years of history. It is also considered the birthplace of Jalal ad-din Mohammad Balkhi or known as Rumi in the U.S. I started my school in Kabul and from the beginning, I was interested in speaking English & my parents enrolled me into an English-speaking program, luckily I picked it up really well. And later on, I had the opportunity of going to India with my elder brother for my high school, I lived in India for four years and upon finishing school got enrolled in a University in India. I believe that India was a beautiful chapter in my life.

I am interested in spending time with friends and going to the gym, sometimes I play badminton. In the future, I would like to get into a master's program in the Analytics field which is quite relevant to my major here at PSU. A friend of my dad who was an alumni of the school told me about the opportunity that I can apply to PSU, and so did I & here I am writing about myself and sharing it in this wonderful program that will give me the chance to represent my beloved country.

One of the reasons that I thought I would be a good fit for the program is that I feel there is so much more in Afghanistan than the negative things shown on the New channels, Afghanistan is a very culturally unique country and that's why I thought I have the best chance to use this platform to share my cultural experience with others. So I hope that I can be a good representative of my country in this program.

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