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Alfonso Muñoz Cortés


Hometown: Ciudad de México, México


Major: Business Management and Leadership


Education Level: Undergraduate


Languages: Spanish, Italian, English


Hobbies: Soccer, Learning about Ancient Cultures, Mexican food, Flamenco Music, Philosophical Discussions, Salsa Dancing


Biography: Hola! Alfonso was born and raised in the amazing Mexico City.  It is the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. Mexico city has more museums than any other city in the world with over 150, and also has the greatest concentration of US Americans outside of the USA (over 600,000). Alfonso has a dual cultural background since his mother is Mexican and his father, Spaniard. He has traveled to majority of regions in Mexico and Spain where he got acquainted with the different nuances and expressions of both cultures.

He began his college education in the City Colleges of Chicago and then transferred to PSU to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management as well as a minor in Philosophy. Living in international cities such as Mexico City and Chicago developed in him a great curiosity about cultures throughout the world and a sense of pride and belonging towards his own. He is passionate about languages and as well as being a Spanish native speaker, he is fluent in English and is currently self-learning Italian.

A strong entrepreneurial spirit made Alfonso choose his major and is currently developing his own importing business which he intends to start after graduation. As a new member of ICSP, he is honored by the opportunity to share both his cultures with the Portland community.


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