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Angel Contreras Cruz picture background.jpg
Angel Contreras Cruz

Hometown: Oaxaca, Mexico 

Major: Technology Management 

Languages: Spanish & English

Hobbies: cooking vegan food, watch movies and series, have fun with my kids, soccer, listening to music (Latin Rock) & love my family!

Biography: Angel was born and raised in Oaxaca City, located in southern Mexico. He enjoyed spending time with friends, listening to music, attending concerts, and playing sports. He was part of the folkloric dance group and basketball team in middle school and part of the soccer team in high school. He studied industrial engineering at the Instituto Tecnologico de Oaxaca from 1999 to 2004. 

After graduation, he worked for several companies from 2005 to 2012. In 2013 after facing some personal challenges, he enrolled in the Regional Development and Technology master program at the Instituto Tecnologico de Oaxaca. He also started to take English lessons. In 2015, he won a scholarship from the Mexican government to study as a visiting scholar in the US. During that trip, he fell in love with Portland State University and found the love of his life, whose name is Karen. All these events positively influenced his decision to pursue a doctoral degree in ETM. 

In the summer of 2019, he became an ETM graduate student. Since then, Angel has collaborated on different academic projects with his classmates and academic advisor ending in academic papers. He has accomplished some milestones towards graduation and is planning to take his comprehension exam in the upcoming months. Additionally, Angel had the opportunity to work as an ETM teaching assistant and worked with local companies such as Oregon Soap Company and Tofurky as part of the Oregon Applied Sustainability Experience. Becoming a member of the ICSP team will allow Angel to share his culture while developing new skills. Also, he is very excited to work with a multicultural team and is looking forward to making this opportunity remarkable.

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