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Xiaoxue (Angela) Xing


Hometown: Beijing, China


Major: Curriculum and Instruction with Early Childhood Education Specialization


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Mandarin, English


Hobbies: Music, travelling, photography, listening to stories


Biography: Xiaoxue was born in Shenyang, China. She moved to Beijing later on. It is the capital city of China, full of historical sites and places. As she grow up, she has traveled to almost 20 (out of 34) provinces in China with her family. After she graduated from high school, she started to travel outside of China: Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius, etc. Traveling not only opened her eyes, but also helped her to learn about this world as well as herself. Her favorite thing about traveling is talking to the locals. It amazed her when she can see this world through other people’s perspective, that is the meaning of culture sharing to her.


She first came to the U.S. to work for Disney in 2011, there she found her passion for children. Then she moved to Chicago to help in a private school in Chinatown. She came to Portland State University in Spring 2015 to pursue her Master's in Early Childhood Education with a dream that one day she can help parents to grow up together with their children.


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