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Lakshmi Lalitha Pavana “Anusha” Sistla

Hometown: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Languages: English, Hindi, and Telugu.

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Hobbies: Reading, writing short stories, Traveling and Pencil sketching.

My name is Anusha Sistla and I am a graduate student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Portland State University. I was born and raised in southern India. India has a rich cultural heritage, which is a beautiful confluence of religion, traditions, art, and literature. India is a melting pot. It is a land of many religions and cultures, yet people live in harmony without any conflicts. Festivals in India are celebrated irrespective of religion. We celebrate moments like ploughing day, harvesting day, changing seasons, relationships- Celebration is the essence of our culture, it taught me inclusion and gratitude. I grew up listening to the stories from the great Indian epics – The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. They cover a wide range of topics from philosophy to administration and societal conduct to core-values.
I am interested in working in the field of VLSI chip design and verification. Math is my forte. I work as Math and Stats tutor at the PSU Learning center. I love doing yoga in my free time. Yoga is India's gift to the world for peace and healthy living. Practicing yoga along with meditation made me spiritual and mindful. It helped me align beautifully with the Mother Nature. I was also trained in Mandala- the traditional Indian art form. It taught me self-expression, discipline, and creative visualization. I love exploring new places. Outside India, I have been to ten countries so far. I try to share my culture and experiences through stories, wherever and whenever I get an opportunity to share. I also try to learn about the significant aspects of different cultures. There is level of respect and understanding that stems from cultural exchange. It breaks stereotypes, helps undo racist thoughts, break negative connotations, and create a better future for people of all backgrounds – future filled with mutual respect and boundless opportunities. Becoming a member of ICSP is an accomplishment that I am especially proud of, as it would enrich my study abroad experience. By working closely with diverse community at ICSP, I will transform into a global citizen.

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