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Apoorva Shenoy

Hometown: Mangaluru, India

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Languages: Konkani, Hindi, Kannada, English

Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Hiking, Networking, Traveling, Grooming

Biography: I hail from Mangaluru city, one of the multi-lingual cities of India and well-known for its cultural diversity and delicious cuisines. I belong to Konkani speaking community, from southwestern coastal region which holds its root from the state of Goa. All my life I lived with my parents and my younger sister, and coming to the United States was the first-time ever, moving away from my home and country.

After successfully completing my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering in India, my fascination for science and affinity to explore the world of Technology led me to pursue my higher education at Portland State University. Overseas educational exposure is an advantage to build a global network. Being a part of Portland State University has definitely given me one of the best educational experiences. I really appreciate the cultural diversity and professionalism shown by every individual here.
Apart from being academically oriented, I enjoy interacting and connecting with people from different paths of life. I appreciate spending time in the nature and exploring the street of new places I visit. My friends and family describe me as approachable, accommodating, outgoing and self-motivated positive person.

I thank ICSP for giving me an opportunity to convey my cultural individuality, a lesser-known part of myself to the abundant audience. Being a part of this community, I can bring to light the essence of smaller communities of the Indian origin, our history and flourishment in the current world. I am really looking forward to learn from my fellow international students and appreciate their cultural backgrounds and stories. I am privileged to be building professional and cultural bonds with the students coming together from across the globe through ICSP.

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