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Ayelen Enclusa


Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Major: Special Education

Languages: Spanish, English

Hobbies: I love to do crafts, gardening, baking, and woodworking! 

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m an only child, however, one of the perks of the Latin American culture is that family is always around the corner, so I grew up with plenty of cousins around. As mentioned, the Argentinian culture is family-oriented, about community engagement, and solidarity. This side of our culture can be reflected in paintings, music, food, soccer, and our native drink, Mate. Argentina has shaped me in a lot of beautiful ways, such as caring about others and always being ready to help! I’m proud of being Argentinian, and I’m always happy to share this side of me.  


In addition, to call Argentina my home, I’m blessed to call the United States my home, as well. From an early age, I’ve been attentive to the U.S culture so much that when I turned 21 years old, I moved here to begin my job as an Au pair (Cultural exchange nanny program). In these 6 years of living in this beautiful country, I’ve grown and acquired knowledge in different fields, such as learning about cultural diversity. 


Working with kids, plus my devotion for learning, I chose PSU to pursue my passion in Special Education. I’m currently in my Senior year of this amazing program and will be graduating in 2023. I’m also grateful to be part of the PSU and ICSP family! My goal as a member is to be a positive representative of my beautiful Argentina and share all my learnings and experiences from there.

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