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Bhavana Ramesh


Hometown: Mysore, India


Major: Engineering and Technology Management


Education Level: Graduate


Languages: Hindi, Kannada, English


Hobbies: Reading, Writing and Collecting Stories, Travelling and Swimming


Biography: Bhavana is a grad student in the engineering department at PSU. She is from southern part of India. She was born and raised in a cultural heritage city called Mysore, a traditional and spiritual city, and lived in silicon city Bangalore for 8 years. She had worked and consulted with people from various countries like France, Germany, UK and USA. She appreciates the value that diversity bring into professional and personal lives.

She enjoys gathering and spreading stories about people’s lives. She believes that stories connect people at a personal level and build long-lasting relationships. She is very happy that ICSP gives her a stage to tell stories and connect people beyond boundaries.


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