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Catalina Luna Sanchez

Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia
Major: Child, Youth and Family Studies
Languages: Spanish, English
Hobbies: Cooking, listening to music, watch movies, long walks with my dog.
Biography: I am from Bogotá – Colombia, the capital of my country. The weather is cold and rainy most of the time. Kind of like Portland during winter season. However, I spent the first years of my life in a warm little town with a beautiful colonial architecture called Honda, located by the Magdalena River, which is Colombia’s longest river. I grew up participating in many different cultural activities and traditions from this town. Later on, I moved to Bogotá where I finished high school and also got a bachelor’s degree in political science.

I decided to come to the United States to learn English, initially for one year, but then I decided to pursue another bachelor’s degree. I went to college in Minneapolis and then moved to Portland to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Child, Youth and Family Studies at PSU. This program has the right combination between child studies and social work. So far it has been a fantastic experience and I love the people and diversity of PSU. 
Being part of ICSP presents a great opportunity to meet and connect with more people and work together as a team. I acknowledge that I come from a country with a turbulent history, but I would like to share with others the many good things that Colombian culture has to offer and be a driving force that helps to change that dark perception of my country into something more colorful, kind, diverse, and inclusive.

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