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Charlene Crystal Namuyige


Hometown: Kampala, Uganda


Major: Computer Science


Languages: Luganda, English


Hobbies: Listening to music, Travelling, Networking, Hanging out with friends, planning on events. 


Biography: My name is Charlene Crystal Namuyige. I come from a country called Uganda located in East Africa. I am also part of the tribe known as the Buganda tribe which is located primarily in central Uganda. It is also known as the Pearl of Africa and is known for being the source of the River Nile and home to mountain gorillas. It’s an agricultural country and its main exports include coffee and tea. The people of Uganda are specifically a friendly bunch and are always willing to help. 


I am a computer science student at Portland State University and I am currently in my third year. I enjoy being at the Computer Science tutoring center and meeting fellow aspiring computer scientists. I have a passion for mathematics and logic. I hope in the future to dive further into Computer Science and data science more specifically. 

People I have had the pleasure of working with would describe me as hardworking, focused and friendly. I aspire to be able to take each situation I face as a learning experience and to inspire people as well. My secondary school motto was “Gakyali Mabaga” which briefly translates to “so little done, so much more to do.” and this has been a saying that I have thought back to a lot of the times while pursuing different avenues in life. 


As a member of ICSP, I hope to dismantle any previous perceptions of Uganda and share my idea of my beautiful home country and with that enable you all to fall in love with it. 

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