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Anh Quynh (Sue) Vu


Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam


Major: Health Studies: Community Health


Languages: Vietnamese, English


Hobbies: Traveling, volunteering, cooking, playing guitar, hiking, learning new things, meeting new people


Biography: Culture is the path along which we open up to other people, to the great diversity
of meanings and experiences. It is much more than visible things – culture is who
we are. My great passion is to share my cultures with the world and learn the
beauty of others cultures.

I come from a country and a city has a long history and rich tradition, Hanoi – Vietnam. As mentioned above, culture is who we are, and I am representative of Vietnam of my culture wherever I go. Therefore, I spent a lot of time traveling; to me, it is both learning and also sharing Vietnamese culture.

Since I was young, I have been traveling many regions in Vietnam and other
neighbor countries like Thailand, China, Singapore, India, meeting people and
learning the culture difference. I realized that just in my country, there are 54
ethnics and each of them have there owned fascinating culture. Then how many
cultures are out there to discover.

Following the dream learning the world, I decided to become an exchange student
in the US. After that, I decided to continue my public health dream at Chemeketa
Community College. Here, I worked as an International Ambassador and
International Club council helping create events for International students. In a
diverse country like America, understanding other’s cultures are really essential.
As an International student, I do my best to share what I know to other students
and also help students sharing their cultures.

Coming to PSU, I have the honor to be in ISCP, this is a great program for students
like me and anybody wants to learn about the world. The diverse and friendly
community PSU give me the confidence to share my culture and encourage me to

explore other cultures even more. I hope I can leave a good image of Vietnam in
people's hearts.

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