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Daichi Tameshima


Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia and Kyoto, Japan

Major: Accounting


Languages: Japanese, English


Hobbies: Weight lifting, reading, eating, physical activities, learning new things and people


Biography: I was born in Sydney, Australia then moved up to the Gold Coast, Australia and lived there for half my life. After living in Australia, I moved to Kyoto, Japan and lived there until I graduated high school. The best description of Kyoto is probably to imagine historic Japanese culture and advanced westernized culture meeting and clashing together creating its own unique taste. While Kyoto has preserved many cultural looks it is also is very city like with high buildings and what not.


I decided to come to the US because of my English background and there was no particular goal for me in Japan. There also was an option for me to go back to Australia, but I chose to chase the American dreams rather than the Australian dreams. My major is accounting and my current career goal is to become an accountant in the US. My lifetime goal however is to meet and connect with all kinds of people from around the world and learn and teach the different background each other have. This brings me to this program ICSP, where I can proceed and continue my lifetime goal while as I can focus on my career goal. I am very grateful for this opportunity that ICSP has provided to learn and share the diverse perspectives from around the world which not many people can experience. I am looking forward to give back what ICSP have gave me and to share my culture.

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