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Michael Oluwole


Hometown: Akure, Nigeria


Major: Real Estate Development


Languages: Yoruba, English


Hobbies: Making music, hiking, seeing movies, learning new things


Biography: I was born and raised in the Yoruba culture in Nigeria which is one of the largest cultural groups in Nigeria. I lived for many years in Nigeria at a Yoruba dominated city called Ibadan and I speak Yoruba language fluently. Growing up in Ibadan made me appreciate the cultural values of the Yoruba people because it is rich and undiluted there. I love the Yoruba culture especially the music, values of respect, cultural marriage proceedings and some of the tales and stories shared with us as little kids. 

I went to a secondary school in Ibadan called Loyola college and later moved to my hometown to start my undergraduate degree at Federal University of Technology Akure to study Real Estate Management because of my passion for affordable housing. I moved to Portland to start my masters program in Real Estate Development and I'm drawing towards the goal of becoming an affordable housing real estate developer by making good and safe housing a basic supply to all human beings, just like water, food and clothing.


I love going to new places, meeting people from different cultural backgrounds, and learning what they do and why they do what they do. At the same time I always feel like there are a lot of things most people around the world don't know about the Yoruba culture and I'm super excited to be a part of ICSP and really look forward to sharing as part of the ICSP platform.

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