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Luyao Wang


Hometown: Lanzhou, China


Major: Psychology, Computer Science minor


Languages: Chinese, Japanese, English


Hobbies: Playing piano, singing, reading books, drawing, learning other languages


Biography: My name is Luyao Wang. I am an undergraduate majoring in Psychology and minoring in Computer Science. I was born and raised in Lan Zhou, a city located in the northwest of China surrounded by many mountains with the Yellow River crossing the city.

After I finished high school, I studied in Toronto for 2 years studying Early Childhood Education and then spent one year in Montreal learning Computer graphics. During these 3 years, it has become more and more clear that my passion lies in psychology and computer science. This led me to pursue my higher education at PSU. I am always so fascinated by people's different thoughts and perspectives and I have always had this dream of meeting people from other cultures and learning from each other. Therefore, the moment I saw this ICSP program, I knew this was where I would like to learn and also to share.

It is my honor to be part of this program, and I view this as a great opportunity to connect with people from different cultures and also to break the possible stereotypes and bias. We would be more connected when we understand each other better. I believe this is one of the effective ways that can make our world a better place.

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