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Samantha Alarcon-Basurto


Hometown: Lima, Perú


Major: Global Studies, Sociology minor


Languages: Spanish, English


Hobbies: Musical instruments, bouldering, volunteering, swimming, cooking, travelling, and outdoor activities.


Biography: Samantha (Sam), comes all the way from South America, from the country that it’s known for its best culinary excellence, Perú. The history of Peru its a blend of cultures, a mix of Spaniard colonization, African slavery, and the magnificent Inca empire. 


Sam is currently majoring in Global Studies, with a minor in Sociology. She aspires to make herself a name at the table of world leaders. She aspires to be the voice of the voiceless, and bridge the gap in global inequality. 


Sam is a humble and fearless human being who is willing to give a hand to anyone that needs it. During her first year at PSU she did not hesitate in looking for resources, support, and community. She found a home with the international students, and with students that thrive to serve the city. Sam is the first of her immediate family to attend a US university, making her parents very proud and nurturing a home for incoming students that might feel lost as she felt before. 


As part of the ICSP scholars, Sam would enjoy to embrace diversity and bring to PSU a taste of her beloved home country, Perú. She would like to bridge the gap of cultural difference and show to the PSU community that is our diversity that makes a family. 

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