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Saki Niwayama


Hometown: Gunma, Japan


Major: Marketing, Graphic Design


Languages: Japanese, English


Hobbies: Photography, fashion, reading, watching movies, painting, editing photos and videos


Biography: I was born and raised in Gunma, Japan. When I was a university student in Japan, I did a backpacking trip in Canada and the US for a month alone and decided to go out of Japan and study business. First, I went to York University in Toronto, Canada to study English. After I completed the English program, I moved to Santa Barbara and graduated from City College. Then, I transferred to Portland State University.


I decided to study Marketing because I strongly believe that I can use the skills and knowledge in any department. Also, I wanted to know how things work and affect not only in business but also in any relationship. However, I started to doubt if I’m good at or love marketing gradually. So, I started to study Graphic Design since I loved painting and creating 3D works. Now, I’m in love with creative activities like designing, painting, photography, and so on.


I am old as a university student from Japanese cultural perspective. However, I still want to learn anything I don’t know. I’m curious and ambitious. I believe the ICSP activities will enhance my personality and expand my ideas; moreover, I believe I can bring what I’ve learned from those 5 years experience outside of Japan. I can’t wait to see and learn something new and share what I’ve seen and felt. 

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