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Anis Zaman


Hometown: Khulna, Bangladesh


Major: Conflict Resolution


Languages: Bengali, English


Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, swimming, movies, hanging out with friends and family


Biography: I was born and raised in Khulna, a major city located in the Southern part of Bangladesh. I graduated from Bangladesh University of Professionals with two masters, Business Administration and Disaster Management. I have worked with the United Nations (UN) in Liberia as peacekeeper and travelled many parts of West Africa. I have also worked as peacekeeping trainer in Indonesia.  I came to the US in 2017 for higher study in peace and conflict management. Currently, I am pursuing my masters in Conflict Resolution at PSU. Having lived in Portland for more than one year I have learned many aspects of US culture, which really enriched my knowledge. I am also involved with Bangladesh Student Association (BSA), which is constantly seeking the opportunity to share Bangladeshi culture with International students here in PSU and with the Portland community.


Since my childhood I have a special interest in learning about other cultures. My passion for learning other culture inspired me to travel many countries such as France, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Guinea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco and Qatar. I am proud to be part of ICSP, which provides the unique opportunity to share my own culture as well to learn from other cultures. From my experience I have learned that by sharing our culture we can create a bond of friendship and build a peaceful global community.


Cultural exchange promotes better understanding and friendship. When we understand each other’s culture we are able to connect better and we become respectful to each other.  As ICSP representative, I hope to enrich my knowledge by learning about other cultures and sharing Bangladeshi culture with the Portland community. I love the way Portland community accommodates cultural diversity and is friendly to people from different races and ethnicities.


In my view, learning about a new culture is like discovering something new and reaching to next level of understanding. As ICSP member, I am looking forward to having more opportunities to learn about many other cultures in the coming days. 

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