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Eduardo Jovanovic


Hometown: San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela


Major: Film Studies


Languages: Spanish, English


Hobbies: Playing guitar, singing, hiking, kickboxing, drawing, reading and watching movies


Biography: I was born in San Antonio de Los Altos, which is a small town outside of the capital of Venezuela, Caracas. I originally came to the United States for the first time to study Architecture in Miami and after 3 years I returned to Venezuela to promote a music album I have recorded along with my brother. Two years later, I decided to return to the USA to pursue Film which became my passion during my time in Venezuela.


Adapting to Portland has been incredibly easy, the people here are extremely friendly and open to any culture; that makes it a diverse and interesting place to live in. The food is amazing, and there is coffee everywhere (I love coffee). Also as a film major, Portland is ranked among the top 10 best cities to study film. This makes studying here a great privilege.


I have many dreams, and one of them is using my major to tell stories about my country. Film is capable of opening a window to experience how other people see the world, for this reason, a degree from PSU will help me tell my stories and show my culture and the way that I see the world. The ICSP is a great opportunity to expand my awareness through sharing my experiences and culture with the community. It also allows me to connect with people from different countries. I feel that knowing other cultures helps to understand my own better.

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