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Lisha Yu

Hometown: Xiamen, China


Major: Human Resource Management, Management and Leadership


Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English


Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, drawing, fashion designing, cooking, movies, outdoors, travelling


Biography: I was born and raised in China. I came to the United States in 2012 for high school. After much research and deliberation, I chose PSU because I wanted to be a part of this community after I graduated from my high school. I feel Portland is a special place and I am grateful to study business here. As an international student double majoring in Business Management & Leadership and Human Resources, I believe Portland State University is the right choice that I made and will be a great help in my life. PSU is not only a school for students to get a degree but also is a place for students to have a connection with the world.

I always believe that “life is a sailing trip full of chances and challenges.” No one would have the same journey of life; just like a sailing trip, no ships can sail exactly the same route. People often say that the ocean is filled with the infinite unknown, just like we never know what will happen in the next seconds of our life. With all the unknown and challenges I had been through, I am still changing directions and finding out the best route for the sailing trip of my life.

I am really honored to be part of the ICSP which gives me a great opportunity to meet new people, share my culture and learn new things from other countries.

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