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Tong (Cindy) Wang


Hometown: Budapest, Hungary


Major: Accounting


Languages: Hungarian, Mandarin, Wenzhou Chinese dialect, English


Hobbies: Photography, drawing, hiking


Biography: My name is Cindy (Tong) Wang, and I was born and raised in a Chinese immigrant family in Hungary. Growing up in a multicultural setting, I have always proactively sought opportunities to express and develop my diverse talent and proficient language skills in Hungarian, Mandarin Chinese, Wenzhou Chinese dialect, and English.

Ever since I was a child, I have always seen myself as representing both the Hungarian and Chinese culture. It is not just simply about my journey of living and studying in different countries and learning two out of the top three most difficult languages. What I value the most are the opportunities of witnessing and participating in teams of diverse people where we get to combine each of our unique perspectives and come up with the most creative solutions to problems.

Through my cultural experiences, I saw how the business world has been slowly transformed by globalization. Since we live in a global world where all the countries are interconnected, I became inspired to go into the business accounting field to become a direct advocate for cross-cultural supply chains and businesses. My short-term goals are to succeed in academics and prosper intellectually and my long-term goal is to work for a global CPA firm.

I chose Portland State University because I wanted to be prepped with the adequate knowledge and skills for my long-term goals in an innovative environment. PSU is set at the heart of the city, which connects the academia harmoniously with the local community. What further distinguishes PSU from other colleges is that it was nominated as the most liberal college that promotes diversity and inclusion in the US by Willamette Week. PSU is filled with diversity, and I am grateful for International Cultural Service Program that teaches me about the meaning of culture, and grants me the opportunity to share and connect with the community.

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