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Mercedeh Farrokhi


Hometown: Tehran, Iran


Major: Public Health/Health Sciences, minoring in Biology


Languages: Farsi, English


Hobbies: Movies, Fashion, Playing piano, Designing, hanging out with family and friends


Biography: I was born and raised in Tehran, which is the capital city of an ancient country, “Iran”. Our culture belongs to more than 3000 years ago and the language that I speak is Farsi.

I have been always carrying big dreams and pursuing them and trying to make them become true has always been the major part of my life. One of the dreams that I made into reality was to move to the U.S and study here. Being here is not only my dream but also the dream of many other people back in my country due to all the limits that we face back there. Before coming here as a young person I started traveling around the world and gain the sense of being abroad. I have been to many countries such as Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Indonesia, some parts of Europe, and some Arabic speaking countries. By visiting countries and actually meeting new people from those countries I gained more knowledge about different cultures and different backgrounds which I believe is necessary for everyone
since it widens their horizons.

Moving to Portland and starting my educational journey here, I felt I was lacking something and by finding a program like ICSP which values different cultures and teaches people how to make right connections away from stereotypical judgments I felt I am in a right place. Therefore I started aiming to become a part of this huge, diverse and welcoming family.

Right now I am majoring in Public Health/ Health Sciences, minoring in Biology and hoping to get to the point that I can help other humans with all I have learned.

I believe that International students should have a strong passion for what they are here for and take big steps to build their own and their next generation's future. So never give up on what makes you a stronger person who can make changes in the world. Believe that even if no one helped you to achieve your dreams, you can help others to achieve their goals.

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