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Naylamp Adanaque Roman


Hometown: Lima, Peru


Major: Business Management and Leadership, Human Resources


Languages: Spanish, English


Hobbies: Dancing, Working out, Hiking, Hanging out with family and friends


Biography: Naylamp Adanaque is an international student from Peru. He was born in the Lima Region and has moved 17 times since he was seven and a half. He started his college journey at Portland Community College in the summer of 2014. He has held several jobs at PCC in departments such as the Queer Resource Center, Multicultural Center, Information desk at the SE Campus, and the Associated Students of Portland Community College. He has experience working with students of different ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and origins. He graduated from with an Associates of Science and Associates of General Studies. He then transferred to PSU in the fall of 2016 to further his education and major in Management and Leadership, and Human Resources. 

Naylamp is a hard worker who tries his best to help build a more equitable, inclusive, and fair space in which everyone is welcomed. He is really excited to share his culture, history, and background with others. He is also excited to learn about other cultures, while building community. 

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