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Ngoc (Amy) Le


Hometown: Hue, Vietnam

Major: Biology


Languages: Vietnamese, English

Hobbies: Photography, cooking, visiting art exhibitions, trying new restaurants, exploring nature.

Xin chào! My name is Ngọc Lê, or you can call me Amy. I was born and raised in Huế, a city located in the heart of Vietnam, renowned as the former imperial capital of the country. Growing up amidst such profound historical and cultural values, ancient wonders, and distinctive traditional cuisine has shaped my character and made me who I am today. Thus, I truly appreciate and am excited to share my culture through ICSP.

I’ve held a strong interest in science since childhood, particularly in biology. While studying at Quốc Học Huế High School, majoring in Biology, I recognized the potential that studying abroad offered – the chance to gain hands-on experience and access to the most current technologies, all while forming connections with new friends from around the world. Therefore, I decided to come to the U.S. to continue my studies and pursue medicine as a long-term goal. I am very grateful to be a PSU student, as well as an ICSP member as part of my journey to share and learn about different cultures.

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