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Saya Horie


Hometown: Osaka, Japan


Major: Communication Studies

Languages: Japanese, English

Hobbies: Movies, music, photography, walking, eating, cooking, yoga, biking, exploring Portland, and meeting new people


Biography: I was born and raised in Osaka, a city located in the West part of Japan. It is famous for comfort food as well as unique culture represented by humorous people. I started as a freshman at PSU after I graduated from high school, and this is my third year here. 

It's been my dream to go outside of my home country and connect with people from different countries since I was a kid, which is one of the reasons why I decided to study in the U.S. I was taught this country is bigger and more diverse than Japan, and I wanted to see that with my own eyes. 

I also liked the flexible school system in the U.S., because I wanted to focus on your few different fields. I currently major in Communication Studies with minors in Film Studies and International Studies. I am particularly interested in studying media effects and intercultural communication. 

It is my pleasure to be part of this diverse PSU community. I am excited to be one of the ICSP members and share my own experience and knowledge as a native student from Japan. I hope to be a resource for people to gain a better understanding of Japanese culture. Also, I look forward to meeting more people with different backgrounds. ICSP will allow me to learn more about different cultures and expand my worldview. 

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