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Yousef Abdo


Hometown: Cairo, Egypt


Major: Architecture


Languages: French, Arabic, English


Hobbies: Sports, Learning about different cultures, Different types of food, Different kinds of music, Art, Poetry


Biography: Hello! I was born in Giza right next to the Giza Pyramids and raised in the big city of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Cairo is an old city with lots of different kinds of architecture from Classical European to Islamic. This exposure of many different styles of architecture is why I was so interested in studying architecture when coming to PSU. I was lucky to move to France for my high school education, and to play tennis where I was exposed to a different culture and language, and where I matured a lot as a person. I am fortunate to have traveled to many European countries as well as many regions in Egypt where I got to play tennis and also get acquainted with different cultures. 

After spending two years in Cannes, France I started my college education at PSU to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. I am also part of the PSU men's tennis team, which gave me the opportunity to travel to many different states within America, and to experience the different ways of life in each state. Living in different cities with different cultures such as Cairo, Cannes, and Portland developed my great interest in different cultures throughout the world. 

My goal after graduation is to find a good job related to my major, and to learn as much about architecture so one day I can start my own firm. As a new member of ICSP, I am honored to be part of an amazing group of people from different cultures, and to have the opportunity to share my own culture with the Portland community. 

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