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Paapa hMensa


Hometown: Accra, Ghana


Major: Finance


Languages: French, Akan, English


Hobbies: Making and playing music, Cooking and eating spicy food, Getting lost in a book or movie, Playing card games, Lounging with friends and family


Biography: Paapa was born and raised in Ghana, a vibrant and diverse nation with rich history and traditions. Growing up, he fell in love with music, faith, and education, and those three things continue to define his life. He moved to Portland in 2011 to attend Reed College where he graduated in 2015 with a B.A. in Economics, and feels Portland is just as much his home as Accra - Ghana's capital - is. 

When not in the classroom, you can find Paapa spending time with his church, creating, performing, or listening to music, tearing up while enjoying spicy food, or just enjoying life. As a member of ICSP, he would like to get as many people as possible to learn about his favorite things about Ghana: from food to music to fashion. Coming from Ghana, which boasts of over 20 ethnic groups, intercultural communication and understanding is something very dear to his heart and he is excited at the chance to express that through ICSP. 

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