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Hanna Fransman


Hometown: Falun, Sweden


Major: Architecture


Languages: Swedish, English


Hobbies: Outdoors, hiking, backpacking, swimming, drawing, reading


Biography: I was born and raised in Falun, a small town located in central Sweden.

I originally came to the U.S in 2013 for a high school exchange, where I spent a year in Tacoma, Washington. After graduating from Stadium High School I soon realized that I wanted continue my education abroad, which lead me to Portland State University where I am studying Architecture with a minor in Sustainability. 


Having lived in Portland for almost two years my love for the city has only grown, and continues to do so. What I appreciate most about Portland is all the friendly people and the diversity of the city. I am therefore thankful for the opportunity to attend Portland State as it allows me to obtain an education that will help me achieve my goal of working within the field of sustainable architecture.

As a member of ICSP I hope to continue to grow by learning more about other cultures, while also sharing my Swedish heritage. In my experience, cultural sharing allows us to connect with others while developing a deeper understanding for other cultures, helping us to grow as individuals. I am therefore happy to be a part of the community here at Portland State, a diverse school where everyone's background is recognized as an asset. Through cultural sharing I believe that we are able to broaden our knowledge and begin to create a kinder, more understanding environment.

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