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Bhaavni Vasandani


Hometown: Mumbai, India


Major: Business management and leadership and HR management


Languages: Hindi, Marathi, English


Hobbies: Dancing, watching movies, fashion. baking, hanging out with friends and family


Biography: I was born and raised in Mumbai, which is the financial capital of the culturally diverse country, India. Mumbai is one of the biggest and most fast paced cities of the country with people from all different backgrounds and cultures. No matter where I travel to in the world, Mumbai will always have my heart.

I have grown up imbibing the values and rituals of all these different cultures and thus, moving to the United States and experiencing the new culture all together was not much of an overwhelming experience for me. I enjoy learning about the different cultures, and I am looking forward to learning so much more from my peers at ICSP.

I moved to the United States in 2015 to pursue my undergraduate education in business management along with HR management. I am currently in my final year and hoping to graduate by Spring of next year. I am excited to be stepping out of college and into the real world and making all my dreams come true. Being a part of ICSP is not only going to help me learn about the different countries and their cultures but also assist me in being a better, more confident version of myself which will in turn drive me closer to achieving my goals in life. As International Students, life can sometimes get tough being away from home, but becoming a part of a community that understands these emotions exactly is going to be an amazing experience and one that I am thoroughly excited for. 

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