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Mustafa Almuzel


Hometown: Saihat, Saudi Arabia


Major: Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Management


Languages: Arabic, English


Hobbies: Handball, soccer, hiking, reading, writing, socializing


Biography: What matters most to me is living in an active community in which people from all backgrounds collaborate to do great things that help other people and improve their communities. I grew up in Saudi Arabia with parents who have dedicated their lives to social services. My father was my first inspiration and role model in social services. Since I was in elementary school, I have been spending most of my time volunteering with organizations that allow me to practice leadership skills and grow as a person through giving back to the community.

After I graduated from high school, I decided to study abroad in the United States. I made this
decision not only for a better education but also to gain experiences and challenges in different cultures. From my first year at college, I started looking for student activities to practice leadership. I started by getting involved with the Saudi Student Association as an election campaign manager, and was elected with my slate to be the leaders of the group. In my second year, I applied to be a student ambassador with the desire to develop my personal communication skills and professionalism, which this program allowed me to do. After that, I established and led a spiritual group on campus to provide spaces for Muslim students to practice their beliefs. These experiences have inspired me to do something bigger that influences more students and challenges me on a higher level, so I decided to join the student government as a senator for two years. All these different experiences have increased my sense of social responsibility.


I constantly strive to be the one to take the initiative and to encourage other people to take
action toward developing positive change in their own fields. I believe that the continued development and sustainability of a community relies on having entrepreneurs from various fields and expertise working within the community. Many people want to make the world a better place. However, one person can not do it alone. True change depends on each person doing their part.


I feel this personal responsibility to do my part towards positive change in the world. I find my happiness and satisfaction by working with others in supporting their personal growth and working towards making positive contributions to society. I want to utilize my future education to empower future leaders to take initiative and prioritize action in their fields towards making change in the world. I would like to expand these efforts from the individual to organizational work by influencing friends and individuals around me into changing communities and nations. I care about leadership because it is what guides the world forward or backward. Leaders are the powerful minority that can determine the destiny of the majority!

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