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Mengyuan Lin


Hometown: Fuzhou, China


Major: Education


Languages: Chinese, English


Hobbies: Yoga, zumba, handcrafting, traveling


Biography: Mengyuan was born in a medium-sized city called Fuzhou in China. Fuzhou in Chinese means “a city with fortune.” As the saying goes, “The soil and water of an area shape the people.” She embraces the challenging life and shares her positive attitude with everyone. This subtropical city with extremely high temperature gives her the energy to explore the world.


Portland is Mengyuan’s first stop abroad, which welcomes her in a friendly way. It’s an amazing journey for her to study at PSU and surrounded by diverse students. It teaches her to embrace the cultural differences and redefine social justice. Also, she served as a student support specialist at Women’s Resources Center for the last year, where she developed the work ethic to support students in need. She is very active on campus activities, which gives her plenty of opportunities to know and enjoy different cultures.


As a future educator, Mengyuan aims to build an inclusive community for her future students, where everyone can engage in meaning learning and respect each other. ICSP is a great platform for her to learn and to seek ways to address the unique needs of the diverse population.

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