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Daniel (Taejong) Kim

Hometown: Suwon, South Korea

Major: Psychology and Biology

Languages: Korean, English

Hobbies: Listening to Music, swimming, playing games, and cooking

Biography: My name is Taejeong Kim and I am an international student from South Korea. I come from Suwon, a city about 20 miles away from the country’s capital, Seoul. 

My family left Korea when I was in second grade and I’ve gone and lived in various countries since then. Before coming to the US, I lived in the Philippines for a few months and another 4 years in England. After that, I came to the US and settled down in Oregon where I have lived for 11 years now. I went to elementary school in the Philippines and the UK, and then I graduated from middle school and high school in the US.

I am a fourth-year student at PSU, majoring in Psychology and Biology. I originally went to UC Santa Barbara right out of high school, but I missed this city and the life here so I returned after a year. I love this school and the people here. There is a certain vibrancy that is unique to Portland State coming from a diverse group of people at the school, and I am glad that I can be a part of this unique community.

My cultural background is a mix of Asia, Europe, and America, and I believe this to be a great strength of mine. I enjoy sharing my cultural diversity with others, and I love learning about other cultures even more. I am so happy to become a member of ICSP because it will allow me opportunities to do things that I love. 

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